Bridging Healthcare Gaps with Home Ultrasound

 Pulsenmore (TASE:PULS), a pioneer in connected home ultrasound, is on a mission to make accessible, patient-driven healthcare a reality.


Our Story

Ultrasound has always been the imaging modality of choice for prenatal care. Traditionally, this meant visits to healthcare facilities, which requires trained professionals and is often costly and requires transportation, childcare, or time off work.
Pulsenmore was born out of a need to alleviate these burdens by offering a fully remote and accessible solution.


What makes us unique?

The Pulsenmore advantage

Our innovative technology enhances resource management by offering patients and caregivers unparalleled flexibility and time savings. We help streamline workflows, improve continuity of prenatal care and amplify overall patient satisfaction.

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Practical, safe, and reliable solution for remote sonographic fetal well-being assessment

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Prescribed by physicians and complementary to routine diagnostic ultrasound examinations.

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Every scan is reviewed and diagnosed by clinicians and can be documented in the patient’s EMR


Better access to care in both rural and urban maternity care deserts


Our vision and mission

Pulsenmore envisions a world where prenatal care is accessible, affordable, and sustainable for all. We aim to revolutionize maternal health by providing remote ultrasound technology that can be used from the comfort of home, transforming traditional prenatal care models and potentially improving outcomes for mothers and babies.


Collaborations and Recognition


At the crossroads of telehealth and femtech

Pulsenmore stands at the intersection of telehealth and femtech, harnessing advancements in technology to shift prenatal care from hospitals to homes. Our technology integrates telemedicine and ultrasound imaging, offering a comprehensive solution that enhances accessibility and supports the evolving landscape of patient-centered care.
Pulsenmore’s clinically validated platform has been successfully implemented across Europe, Australia, Brazil, and Israel, with over 120,000 self-scans performed at home! The technology has proven to reduce maternal anxiety, enhance antenatal attachment, shorten clinical visits, and boost patient satisfaction.
Pulsenmore is set to revolutionize prenatal care by enabling pregnant women to receive routine, high-quality care from home.


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