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Intellectual Property

PulsenmoreTM products are protected around the world according to international and local intellectual property laws. Some specific patent and design protection information is provided below. The list of patent and design rights is not exhaustive as the pursuit of additional IP protection, including trademarks and other IP rights, is ongoing.

Pulsenmore Ultrasound System for Prenatal Care

Pulsenmore Clinician-Guided Home Ultrasound

The Pulsenmore Home Ultrasound System for prenatal care is a product that enables pregnant women to self-scan at home and receive feedback from a clinician who views the scan remotely. The system consists of a handheld self-scan ultrasound device that docks with the user’s personal smartphone, a mobile app that enables the patient to connect the self-scan device with the system and activates the ultrasound for scanning, a cloud-based Clinician Dashboard for remote review of scans by a clinician, and a software API enabling integration of online services with such provider. When a scan is performed (by prescription), it is relayed to the clinician either in real-time or asynchronously, for review, interpretation, and feedback.


The Pulsenmore ultrasound device for prenatal ultrasound is covered by U.S. Pat. Nos. 10,610,194, 10,631,833 and 10,956,355; Japanese Pat. Nos. 6726193 and 6749933; Israeli Pat. Nos. 236484, 237980, and 244746; European Pat. No. 3273862 (valid in various countries); South Korean Pat. No. 10-2361060; German Pat. No. 60 2016 037 100.6; and by pending patent applications in various countries.

Designs Registration

The Pulsenmore Home Ultrasound System for prenatal care is covered by Israeli Design Registration Nos. 65097 and 66007; Canadian Design Registration No. 202230; Chinese Design Registration No. ZL202030743040.1; European Union Design Registration No. DM/213094; Japanese Design Registration No. 1704102; and by pending Design Registrations in the U.S. and other countries.


Pulsenmore and the Pulsenmore + sound wave logo are trademarks of Pulsenmore Limited.