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Home Ultrasound

Pulsenmore (TASE:PULS) is a world leader in connected Home Ultrasound technology.
Our solutions are making ultrasound imaging intuitive, accessible, and patient-centric to bridge the gap between patients and healthcare providers, expanding access, enhancing quality of care, while reducing the burden on healthcare systems.


What do we stand for?

Remote & reliable prenatal care

Pulsenmore is a digital prenatal care platform that enables ultrasound imaging and care from home. Prescribed by a physician, our solution enhances access to care, improves resource management and provides greater flexibility for caregivers.

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Next generation prenatal care

Remote assesment of fetal wellbeing

The Pulsenmore ultrasound device seamlessly connects to a patient’s personal smartphone.
A user-friendly mobile app guides the expectant mother.
Every scan is diagnosed by a clinician, and can be documented in the patient’s EMR.
The device can be used in real-time with a physician or asynchronously.

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Pulsenmore is a practical & safe solution for remote sonographic fetal wellbeing assessment.

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The solution is prescribed by a physician for a continuous prenatal care from home.

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We empower expectant mothers throughout their pregnancy to receive remote professional care.

Want to see patient centric care in action?

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The expecting mother connects the Pulsenmore self-scan device to her personal smartphones. The Pulsenmore user-friendly application guides her through a simple self-scan protocol designed by OBGYNS.
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The Healthcare provider prescribes the service, can review a stored ultrasound clip or guide an online teleultrasound meeting through the Pulsenmore cloud-based Clinician Dashboard

Technology impact

The Pulsenmore solution enables better access and continuity of care with earlier detection of warning signs, alerting on risk conditions that require intervention.


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