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Prenatal care from the comfort of your home

We all want to experience pregnancy with peace of mind. Ensuring the well-being of your fetus and fostering a connection with your baby, as well as involving your family in the pregnancy journey, are significant aspects of this period. Frequent clinic visits can be stressful and challenging, especially for those with demanding schedules or living in remote areas. Pulsenmore brings prenatal care into the comfort of your home.


The reassurance you need

worldwide access

Clinically approved and validated


Peace of Mind, control and convenience

Peace of mind and continuity of care during pregnancy


Pulsenmore’s home ultrasound is a safe, reliable, and user-friendly solution that transforms your personal smartphone into a clinically approved and validated home ultrasound device. Prescribed by a physician, the Pulsenmore system includes compatible software that makes scanning quick and simple.

You can opt for a teleultrasound meeting (“clinician-guided”), where a doctor meets you online, guids the scan in real-time and interprets it immediately, or you can scan asynchronously (“App-guided”). In asynchronous scanning, once your scan is complete, the images are automatically sent to a dedicated clinical  team for review. The team then assess key parameters that indicate your fetus’s well-being, providing you with the reassurance and continuity of care you need.


How it works

The doctor will provide you with a link for a teleultrasound consultation, offering one of two modes. In the Clinician-Guided scan, the doctor meets you online to observe the scan in real-time, providing immediate diagnosis and guidance. Alternatively, in the App-Guided scan, you perform the scan independently, and the scans are uploaded to the cloud for later review & feedback by the doctor.


Pulsenmore cradle


Pulsenmore application


Self-scan ultrasound device


Empowering expectant moms 

Pulsenmore empowers you with a home ultrasound solution that allows you to perform basic ultrasound scans from the comfort of your home while receiving remote clinician guidance and diagnosis. With Pulsenmore, you can ensure high-quality prenatal care without the need for frequent clinic visits. Perform ultrasound scans at your convenience and gain access to expert medical interpretation from the comfort of your home. 
The device is tailored for use throughout your pregnancy, starting as early as 14 weeks for singleton pregnancies, and is compatible with most smartphones. 

Experience the benefits of advanced prenatal care with Pulsenmore, and enjoy a more relaxed and connected pregnancy journey.


The different modes of operations

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Clinican-Guided Mode

The real-time teleultrasound consultation allows you to connect with a doctor online.  Doctors can guide and control the scans from their dashboard, and provide immediate diagnosis.

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App-Guided Mode

Follow a self-scan protocol using the Pulsenmore mobile app. Your scans are automatically uploaded to the clinician dashboard for review and diagnosis


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Technology impact

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