2022 Q3 Newsletter

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2022 Q3 Newsletter

Get ready to take the lead with next-generation prenatal care. Read on to find out how clinicians can benefit their practice and patients with better access to care, convenience and efficiency with the Pulsenmore remote ultrasound.

We offer a solution to make home ultrasound available for remote and reliable professional care. The handheld ultrasound cradle docks with the patient’s personal smartphone; every scan is reviewed and interpreted by a remote clinician, and can be documented in the patient’s EMR.

⏩Check out this 38-second video to see how clinicians can meet pregnant patients online and conduct a remote ultrasound session – controlling the duration and frequency of scans and adjusting the ultrasound settings.
Watch >> https://youtu.be/gzILwjkmshg

Would you have expected that over 98% of patient-driven ultrasound scans could enable clinical assessment? Data from tens of thousands of home ultrasound scans performed by customers of Clalit Health Services, the largest HMO in Israel, showed that 98.4% of scans allowed interpretation of key parameters for evaluation – fetal heartbeat, fetal movement, and amniotic fluid volume.

GE Healthcare: How an at-home device could transform pregnancy around the world

GE’s strategic investment in Pulsenmore will help the company connect doctors with expecting moms wherever they are. Pulsenmore’s device potentially allows physicians to better monitor pregnancies that need a higher level of attention, reduce the need for unscheduled visits to the ER, and alleviate mothers’ anxiety.

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Read the full article by our commercial partner, GE Healthcare

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