Explore our vision for the future of ultrasound  The Pulsenmore ES ultrasound system is our flagship tele-ultrasound device. Our hand-held design enables pregnant women to perform at-home ultrasound scans and receive feedback from their physician or sonographer. Through this technology, we're limiting the need for hospital and doctor visits during COVID-19 and beyond. 
Compatible with: Check Supported Devices
Application: Pulsenmore ES™, @ Google Play™ Store
Usage: Single patient, for one pregnancy only (product is disposed after pregnancy)
Scan Time: 3 minutes (max) in offline mode or at the discretion of the Healthcare Professional in online mode
Dimensions: 166 (H) x 78 (W) x 38 (D) mm
Weight: 260g
Image Resolution: 1080p (Full HD)
Imaging Optimization and Filtering: Gain, Focus, Power, Depth, Image Enhancement, Speckle Reduction, Time Gain Control (TGC)
Network Connectivity: Wi-Fi or cellular (via user’s mobile phone)
Data Upload: Secured cloud service compliant with formal information security standards and directives
Image of spinning pulsenmore device

Simplified User Experience + Clinician Control
  • Simple 5-step scanning technique with video instruction
  • Secure store and forward function to cloud
  • Face-to-face teleconsultation capability
  • Physician control via unique PROCEDURE CODE – limits activation, frequency & duration of use
What's in the Box?
Pulsenmore ES ultrasound system (x1)
Quick Start Guide (x1)
Ultrasound Gel
Frequently Asked Questions
Pulsenmore ES Ultrasound System is intended for diagnostic ultrasound imaging in B-Mode. It is indicated for diagnostic ultrasound imaging in Fetal/Obstetric applications. The Pulsenmore ES software is intended to aid in the acquisition, display and/or optimization of ultrasound images for review by healthcare professionals in a remote access setup. The device is intended to be used by healthcare professionals or patients in environments outside of an imaging lab, such as hospitals, clinics, and home settings under the direction of a healthcare professional. Access to the device operation must be granted by healthcare professionals.
The Pulsenmore ES ultrasound system should not be used for indications other than the ones approved by the applicable governing agency.
The Pulsenmore ES ultrasound system consists of an ultrasound cradle for the user’s mobile phone. This cradle comprises an ultrasound transducer and is connected to the phone through a USB connector. The Pulsenmore ES ultrasound system cradle has no internal power supply, button or screens of its own. When a phone is connected, and a scan is performed, the device presents the resulting ultrasound image on the phone screen.
Yes, the system operates through the PulseNmore application software which must be installed on the user’s mobile phone. The application software can be downloaded from Google PlayTM store.
After downloading the application software, the end-user requires a PROCEDURE KEY from their physician to begin scanning. Each scan is enabled only upon medical professional approval. The duration of each scan is limited.
i) ONLINE MODE – allows the end-user to connect to their physician via a secure telemedicine platform. The physician will see the performed scan in real-time and will be able to talk to the end-user. ii) OFFLINE MODE – This allows the end-user to perform a scan without physician guidance. A short video will play, demonstrating the five scan steps to be performed. After completing all five scan steps, the videos of the ultrasound scan will be automatically sent to the physician for review.
Images are not stored on the phone. The teleconsultation platform is HIPAA compliant and meets international privacy and security requirements.
The device is European approved and is under review by the FDA in the United States