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Call for Proposal Pulsenmore Pilot Study

Pulsenmore is a developer of cutting-edge home ultrasound technology, offering self-performed scanning by patients with remote transmission of imaging clips to clinicians. This call for proposals aims to facilitate clinical research in fetal-mother prenatal care using the Pulsenmore ES ultrasound device.

The Pulsenmore ES device is designed for home use, offering two modes of operation


Real-time teleultrasound consultations. Meet your patient online while guiding and controlling the duration and frequency of the patient’s scans.


The patient follows self-scan protocols developed by OBGYNs. Scans are uploaded to the cloud for asynchronous review by clinicians.

What is already known? 

  • The Pulsenmore device is safe, effective and easy to use for remote fetal assessmenti. 
  • 10,000 pregnant women have already used the device, capturing > 100,000 scans, while maintaining over 98% precision for clinical assessment of prenatal parametersii. 
  • Feasibility of home ultrasound was confirmed in Erlangen Germanyiii 
  • The system is used for hybrid maternal-fetal program alternating in-person and virtual visits with remote ultrasound, for monitoring high-risk pregnancy. This program saves time and improvs patient’s satisfactioniv,v. 
  • Real world study comparing 4,460 women using home ultrasound service with a control group of 102,707 non-users. Initial analysis demonstrated impact on birth outcome with reduced probability of preterm deliveryvi and reduced healthcare resource utilizationvii, mainly in-hospital stay in the study group.  
  • Home ultrasound could significantly reduce anxiety, following twice-weekly telemedicine visits including home ultrasound, in women with a history of recurrent pregnancy lossviii 
  • Remote BPP assessment with the home ultrasound was demonstrated in a pilot studyix 

The form below is directed to clinicians and researchers in Europe and Australia interested in applying for a pilot study focusing on prenatal remote monitoring using the Pulsenmore ES device. Submitted questionnaires will be reviewed to select the best candidates for full proposal submission. Successful candidates will be supported with devices, training, and pilot infrastructure.

Want to add your findings to this exciting list – Just apply!