NoCamels: Israeli Startup Offers At-Home Pregnancy Ultrasounds With Handheld Device

Just three years after it was founded in 2015, Israeli startup PulseNmore announced that it was in the final stages of developing a revolutionary, handheld telemedicine device that would allow pregnant women to perform an ultrasound scan on their fetuses using only their smartphones. Little did the company know that just a couple years later, the world would be in midst of a devastating global health crisis that would see many avoid hospitals and clinics for fear of contracting the novel coronavirus.Since March, medical facilities have been quick to convince people that nonessential medical, surgical, and dental procedures should be avoided until the COVID-19 pandemic is fully contained. Or that there is a vaccine against the disease. This makes a portable device like PulseNmore, officially launched this month, an essential way for pregnant women to get the frequent checkups they need while allowing them to stay home for up to half of their prenatal visits.

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