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QA Engineer

Student position

We are seeking a student for a part-time position in the QA/RA field. This is an excellent opportunity for a student interested in gaining practical experience and developing skills in a professional setting.

This role reports to the VP of QA at Pulsenmore - a great opportunity to learn from our domain expert!


Omer/Ramat Gan, Israel (On-site)


Part time

In this role you can expect to:

  • Implement and deploy quality assurance policies and processes.
  • Interpret and comply with quality assurance standards and regulations.
  • Analyze quality metrics in the production and supply chain.
  • Lead CAPA activities and measure their effectiveness.
  • Perform internal audits and manage the audit schedule.
  • Participate in external and internal audits and inspections.
  • Participate in NC (MRB) meetings and provide QA inputs.
  • Manage the documentation control activities.
  • Monitor training and qualification activities.
  • Provide information for management reviews.
  • Support complaints investigations.
  • Support design control activities as needed.

To succeed in this role, we are looking for the following skills and experience:

  • 3rd/4th-year student of Practical Engineering / BSc in Mechanical/Biomedical Engineering.
  • Previous experience in medical device / quality assurance - an advantage.
  • Previous experience in performing investigations and critical thinking - an advantage.
  • Experience in root cause analysis.
  • Interest and willingness to grow in the QA world (especially relating to software regulations).
  • Punctuality and attention to detail.
  • Availability for part-time work (50-60%) .