ConsumerAffairs: Israeli company offers at-home ultrasound

The COVID-19 pandemic has kept many people with other health conditions from going to medical facilities, leading to a boom in telemedicine. Patients using video conferencing have been able to interact with health care providers from the comfort and safety of their homes.

Now that convenience is being extended to pregnant women seeking an ultrasound. An Israeli start-up has introduced a handheld tele-ultrasound device that enables pregnant women to perform at-home ultrasound scans and receive feedback from a physician or sonographer, limiting the need for hospital and doctor visits. The company says it has applications during COVID-19 and beyond.

“At home tele-ultrasound scanning is a major leap forward in digital medicine and prenatal health,” said Dr. Elazar Sonnenschein, founder and CEO of PulseNmore. “We have successfully miniaturized the traditional ultrasound system to create a solution that is both affordable and accessible for expectant families.”

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